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Four Turkish Artists at Sofa New York 2011
Turkish NY, 16.04.2011
Four artists from Turkey, Ayhan Tomak, Semra Ecer, Yıldanur Ketenci, Ebru Döşekci, exhibit their works at the 14th Annual Sculpture Objects & Functional Art fair, Sofa New York 2011.

Yıldanur Ketenci, Ebru Döşekci, Nurten Ural, Turkish Cultural Foundation Detroit Director, Semra Ecer and Ayhan Tomak at Sofa New York.

Ayhan Tomak, born in 1970, is known with his indoor mural paintings, reliefs, and wooden sculptures. His work was shown at several solo and group exhibitions. He has been developing new designs working with mirrors and wood in the domain of functional art.

Semra Ecer, born in 1959, sculpts and design jewelry and objects, and stained-glass. The artist is attracted to work in three-dimentions and with different materials. Her work ranges from very basic items such as spoons and bookmarks to recurring abstract forms. She is widely exhibited.

Ebru Döşekci, born in 1972, uses simple and clear lines, which give the viewer a sense of tranquility.

Yıldanur Ketenci, born in 1958, mixes a diverse variety of materials such as bronze, copper, wood and paper- glue in her creations. This exhibition’s theme is water. Her work also exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in Turkey and abroad.
Artists, participated at Sofa New York 2011, are sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation (TFC). TFC was established in 2000, and to promote Turkish art and artists worldwide is foundation’s one of the missions.

The fair is an international art exposition, dedicated to presenting works of emerging and established artists and designers, opened on April 14 and continuous until April 17 at Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue and 67th Street.
Source : Turkish NY
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