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Turkish Artists Join Art Fair in New York
Turkish NY, 14.04.2011
Turkish artists are participating in an art fair in New York with the support of Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF), based in Washington.

Ayhan Tomak, Ebru Dosekci, Semra Ecer and Yildanur Ketenci will display their works of art at the Sculpture Object and Functional Art (SOFA) expositions in New York between April 14 and 17. More than 600 artists from 12 countries exhibit their modern works at the fair.

TCF will be sponsoring the participation of Turkish artists at the SOFA fairs for the fifth year and is the only non-profit organization represented at SOFA.

SOFA is widely recognized as one of the world's leading fairs of contemporary decorative arts and designs and visited by tens of thousands of prospective buyers, gallery and museum representatives.

The Turkish Cultural Foundation's showcase of Turkish art at SOFA reflects the Foundation's mission to expand international opportunities for Turkish artists, as well as promote Turkish modern art.
Source : Turkish NY
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