TCF Newsletters Issue 9

TCF Grant Supports Birmingham International Center’s Spotlight on Turkey Program

The Turkish Cultural Foundation has awarded a major grant to support the Birmingham International Center’s “Spotlight on Turkey” program in 2010-2011. The TCF grant will support the BIC educational programs during the Turkey Spotlight Year and in particular support the Arts in Education program of BIC. Through the award-winning BIC Arts in Education program, resources are provided to Alabama schools to support art education. The TCF grant will help develop resources on Turkish art for use in classroom art education.


TCF Grant Underwrites Polish Portal on Turkey

A Turkish Cultural Foundation grant has been awarded to a Polish web portal that promotes Turkish culture and travel to Turkey. Approximately 150,000 Polish tourists visited Turkey in 2008 and the website aims to create original content to assist Polish travelers and promote Turkey as a cultural travel destination.


TCF Grant Supports Catalhoyuk Excavation site in Turkey

The Turkish Cultural Foundation and the Global Heritage Fund have partnered once again to support the Catalhoyuk excavation in Turkey. Since 2008, TCF has provided a total of $ 85,000 in matching funds to the Global Heritage Fund in support of Catalhoyuk. Led by a joint US-Turkish archeological team, the site’s excavation is unearthing one of the world’s most significant human civilization sites and is now on the Turkish tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage site designation. If listed, Catalhoyuk will become the only Neolithic site listed on the World Heritage list.

TCF funds have enabled the excavation team to build a shelter to preserve the excavated areas, as well has helped to establish display panels and signage on the site. The TCF grant also helps provide training to conservation students and members of the local community. Since 2008, TCF has taken its Teacher Study Tours to Catalhoyuk to increase awareness about Catalhoyuk and the teaching about its importance to human civilization.


Turkish Cultural Foundation Supports Turkish Studies at Stanford University

The Turkish Cultural Foundation has awarded a multi-year grant to Stanford University. The Turkish Cultural Foundation grant will support the establishment of a full-time lecturer position in Turkish Language and Literature as part of Stanford University's Mediterranean Studies Forum to conduct teaching, research and public education activities with a view to grow interest in on-and-off campus study of Turkish language, history and culture.


TCF Supports Glass Furnace Foundation

For the fifth year, the Turkish Cultural Foundation has been supporting the education of Turkish glass artists and craftsmen through annual grants to the Glass Furnace Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey.

This year’s TCF grant continues to provide funding for a full-year paid apprenticeship for a young glass artist at the Glass Furnace Foundation, serving the dual purpose of raising glass artists and supporting the Glass Furnace Foundation’s own production line. The grant also provides seven scholarships to Turkish young glass artists to participate in the Glass Furnace Foundation’s on-campus workshops on glass art taught by internationally acclaimed glass artists.




Date: June 28 - August 7, 2010
Tour: TCF Teacher Study Tours to Turkey


Date: Sep. 13-29, 2010
Tour: TCF Fall Cultural Tour to Turkey


Date: October 16-17, 2010
Festival: 20th Annual Houston Turkish Festival
Place: Jones Plaza, 601 Louisiana St. Houston, TX 77002
This event is sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.


Date: Nov.05 - 07, 2010
Fair: 17th International Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair With the participation of Turkish artists Yasemin Aslan Bakiri, Gamze Araz Eskinazi & Yasemin Sayinsoy, Yucel Kale and Seckin Pirim
Place:Turkish Cultural Foundation Booth, Navy Pier's Festival Hall
Turkish participation at this event is sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.


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