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Two groups of a total of 48 American middle and high school teachers visited Turkey in July 2014 as part of the Turkish Cultural Foundation's Teacher Study Tours. The teachers were selected from among participants in the Teacher Workshops on Turkey organized under the Spotlight on Turkey 2014 program, by 10 local chapters of the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) and TCF. This year’s teachers hailed from the states of Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia.

The teachers began their 14-day journey in Istanbul and visited Gelibolu (Gallipoli) and Troy, Canakkale, Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya and Catalhoyuk, Cappadocia and Ankara. Throughout the tour, teachers had the chance to visit and learn about world-famous cultural, archaeological, architectural and natural sites of Turkey, and visited the Kabatas High School, Besiktas Anatolian High School, Bahcesehir BJK High School and the Atakoy Village School. The teachers also met with diplomats, policy experts, and representatives of Turkish civil society. The teachers were accompanied by TCF staff and Turkish educators on their tours.

The study tours are the second tier of Spotlight on Turkey, a national educational program organized by TCF, WACA and participating WACA chapters and funded by a major TCF grant. The program consists of three stages; Teacher Workshops on Turkey, Teacher Study Tours and Portrait of Turkey cultural events for students and the general public. With the addition of this year's teachers, 527 American teachers will have visited Turkey as part of this program.

You can read more about the teachers’ journey on the TCF Study Tour Blog and on Facebook and Twitter. You may also read Comments by participants on the TCF Teacher Study Tours and media articles about the tours on the TCF website. To order a free copy of Broad Horizons, a documentary on the TCF Teacher Study Tour, please send an email to washington@turkishculture.org.

The 2015 Tours will be announced later in the year. Applications to participate in the TCF Teacher Study Tours are accepted only through World Affairs Councils of America chapters participating in a given year in the Spotlight on Turkey program.


The Turkish Cultural Foundation welcomes applications from Turkish teachers to participate as volunteers on the TCF Teacher Study Tours with a view to facilitate educational exchanges between Turkish and American educators.

The TCF 2015 Teacher Study Tours will visit Istanbul, Canakkale, Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya, Goreme and Ankara. The groups follow a program led by a professional tour guide that highlights the cultural and historical sites of the regions they visit. Selected Turkish teachers must be prepared to travel to Istanbul for an interview with TCF, and, if selected, participate in a one-day orientation program in Istanbul. Two teachers will be selected for each tour. TCF will provide for accommodations and meals for the selected teachers.

Applications will be accepted once the 2015 tour dates are announced.


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