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WCSD Teachers in Turkey
Washoe County School District, 28.08.2015
Three teachers from the Washoe County School District traveled in Turkey with the Turkish Cultural Foundation. Pamela Miller (Incline High School), Ed Bischopink (Galena High School), and Julie Wakefield (McQueen High School) were among 48 middle- and high school teachers who were selected by 12 local chapters of the World Affairs Councils of America and the Turkish Cultural Foundation to participate.

During the 14-day trip, they traveled to Instanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Bursa and several other cities that are world famous for their cultural, archeological, architectural, and natural sites. They met with experts, educators, and representatives of Turkish civil society.

“Turkey is a modern, vibrant, extremely hospitable country that looks towards the West for inspiration,” said Miller. “It really is the crossroads of two worlds as Istanbul looks like any other European city until you see that the skylight is peppered with beautiful minarets, and suddenly you are awoken with a melodic Arabic chant as the call to prayer begins. You realize that this is a beautiful mosaic of western and eastern culture, woven together to make an exotic landscape of ancient mosques and contemporary apartment buildings. Turkey is the world’s largest museum, everywhere there are remnants of Roman arches, medieval walls, Hellenistic temples, and crumbling baths.

“Incorporating what we learned on our journey will not be a challenge. From discussions on democracy in modern Turkey, to the study of cultural landscapes, the role of Turkey and its location during different time periods of history, the diversity of the peoples, the role of Islam and so many other topics – our classes are richer in content because of this amazing experience.”
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