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Local teacher taking part in Turkey study tour
Peak of Ohio, 29.06.2014

This summer, 48 middle and high school social science teachers from around Northwest Ohio will be visiting Turkey as part of two Teacher Study Tours, organized and sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) in cooperation with the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) and its local chapter.

Jordan Reser of Adriel School in West Liberty is one of the educators taking part in the expedition.

The groups will visit Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Canakkale, Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya and Catalhoyuk, Cappadocia, and Ankara. Throughout the tour, the teachers will have the chance to visit and learn about world famous cultural, archaeological, architectural, and natural sites of Turkey and meet with experts, educators, and representatives of Turkish civil society. 479 teachers from across the United States have already visited Turkey since 2007 under the program.

The study tours are the second tier of a program called Spotlight on Turkey, a nationwide educational program organized by TCF, the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA), and its local chapters. It is funded by a major TCF grant. The year-round program includes a Teacher Workshop on Turkey, the Teacher Study Tours, and various cultural programs for students and the general public later in the fall.

You can follow Reser's trip at

Source : Peak of Ohio
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