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Introducing The Armaggan Bosporus Suites
Travel Daily News, 06.02.2014
Having launched on 28 January and occupying three immaculately restored yalis (waterfront mansions) on the Bosporus’s European shore, Armaggan Bosporus Suites bring a new hospitality concept to Istanbul: “Intimate home-style living finessed by the city’s most exclusive design house”.

Available singly, as three separate houses or as one large residence, the 18 individual Suites celebrate the finest in local craftsmanship and hospitality, from exquisite textiles and objects d’art by Istanbul’s hottest young designers to Anatolia’s purest natural and regional cuisine.

Suites are a masterpiece of Ottoman symbolism and homely touches, adorned with antique glass chandeliers, silk drapes, hand-painted ceilings and original paintings, while cozy nooks and Bosporus-view terraces lend themselves to easy conversations and lazy afternoons.

But it’s their conceptual celebration of Istanbul’s rich contemporary culture that really set Armaggan Bosporus Suites apart. Conceived as a meeting place for international aficionados, the Suites draw on the knowledge, expertise and connections of the Turkish Cultural Foundation and NAR (Natural and Regional) Gourmet, transporting guests far from the homogenised idea of a guesthouse to a stylish immersion in Istanbul’s thriving cultural heritage.

“Armaggan Bosporus Suites bring together two cornerstones of Turkish culture – hospitality and heritage – and package them as a gift for international aficionados and cosmopolitan sophisticates alike.”

Life at the Suites is based around a communal sense of living that celebrates a coming together of minds. Meals are taken around the 18 seater dining table, in the individual yali’s dining rooms or on the terrace with friends from Istanbul’s thriving arts, media and business worlds regularly visiting to engage in lively cultural discourse.

Guests can enjoy bathing and massages in the private Turkish Hammam; make use of the Suites private boat and direct water access and mix with like-minded sophisticates in an atmosphere of relaxed refinery.

Private cultural immersions range from private jet trips to see the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia, to after-hours shopping experiences at ARMAGGAN’s two flagship emporiums.

Armaggan Bosporus Suites aim “To present its guests with the opportunity to enjoy the finest contemporary Turkish culture from the ease of their own waterfront residence”
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