Newsletter November 2017

TCF Sponsors Atatürk Lectures in Southern California

TCF provided a grant to the Association of Turkish Americans of Southern California (ATASC) to support two Atatürk Commemoration lectures. The lectures were given by Ilknur Boray of the Ataturk Society of America (ASA), who spoke about the life and accomplishments of Atatürk in Los Angeles on November 10 and in San Diego on November 11.

TCF Fellows Update

Cellist, composer, improviser, and photographer Anıl Eraslan (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow – 2014) completed a residency program with Matthieu Epp and Fred Guérin in Saverne, France on November 1 - 3. He held a concert entitled "Troie" with Matthieu Epp and Fred Guérin on November 7 - 9 in Saverne, France. He also held a concert with Saadet Türköz at Eckzimmer and the Institute of Incoherent Cinematography (IOIC) in Zurich, Switzerland on November 12 and 14. Eraslan gave a workshop entitled "Improv" and performed a concert with Lena Czerniawska at Macondo in Wroclaw, Poland on November 17. His concert series continued in Berlin, Germany with Heard of Bears at Neu West; Taner Akyol at Freie Volksbühne; and Antonis Anissegos and Antonio Borghini at T-Berlin and Sowieso on November 19 - 22. He also participated in the Festival Strasbourg-Mediterranee in Strasbourg, France with Sousta Politiki on November 26.

Poet and playwright Nurduran Duman (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow – 2016) read her poetry at the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 International Writing Program in Beijing, China. Ms.Duman is participating in the event that takes place from November 9 through December 8. She gave three speeches to writers from China and around the world entitled, “World of Literature and Possibility of Translation”, “World - The Territory Rewritten by Literature”, and the “Power of Literature-History, Reality, Language and Fiction”.

Grammy nominated composer, singer, performer, and scholar Dr. Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow – 2012 and Grantee – 2017) performed “Devran” on November 9 at Jordan Hall and November 12 at the First Church of Roxbury in Boston, MA.

Glass artist Gülfidan Özmen (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow – 2013) was selected for the ArtCity Istanbul Digital Arts Residency Program that took place from October 23 – November 4.

Artist Roberley Bell (TCF Cultural Exchange Fellow - 2015) spoke about her new book Do You Know This Tree? at the Center for the Arts University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY on November 30 with Visual Studies Workshop Director Tate Shaw and Senior Curator of Exhibitions Rachel Adams. Bell’s book is a collection of daily walks the artist took from an apartment in Istanbul to various trees she had photographed five years prior in 2010. The book’s diary-like text reveals Bell’s thoughts and documents her encounters as she searches for “ugly” trees that in their caretaking represent the humanity of the city of Istanbul.