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TIEM Carpet Restoration ProjectThe Turkish Cultural Foundation became the principal sponsor of the XI. International Conference on Oriental Carpet (ICOC) which took place on April 19-22, 2007.

As part of the TCF contribution to the ICOC Conference, a major restoration and preservation projece was undertaken in cooperation with the ICOC Turkish Organization Committee and the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. As a result, 118 antique rugs and carpets underwent cleaning and preservation work and were mounted for a major display on the occasion of the ICOC Istanbul conference. The exhibition included nine central Anatolian carpets from the Seljuk period and an Ottoman Palace prayer rug.

Also shown, many for the first time, were seventy-eight village and court carpets from the 15ht, 16th and and 17th centuries from all Anatolian regions, twelve Anatolian rugs from the 18th and early 19th century, eleven Caucasian carpets from the 17th century and six Safavid Persian carpets from the 16th and 17th century. 

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Colossal carpets, Cornucopia



















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