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The Turkish Cultural Foundation's multi-year grant to the Archeological Settlements in Turkey Project (Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesimleri - TAY Projesi), a Turkish non-governmental organization resulted in the creation of the Iron Age Settlements Inventory of Turkey.

TAY Project: Iron Age Settlements in Turkey InventoryThe Iron Age Settlements Inventory created by TAY Project consists of a comprehensive databank of 2363 Iron Age settlements in Turkey, made available online .  It is the result of a five-year research project by a 16-member TAY team and was first published in hard-copy format on January 24, 2008. The online version provides the findings in a fully searchable format and makes this wealth of information available to scholars and the public worldwide. With the addition of the Iron Age settlements, TAY Project's web portal now lists close to 9000 settlements, structures and caves in Turkey from the Paleolithic Age to the Ottoman Empire. Operating under the mantra of "If we do not document, we cannot protect," TAY Project was established in 1993 with the goal to build a chronological inventory of findings for the cultural heritage of Turkey and to share this information with the international community.

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